Athlete of the Week: Bloomer Blackhawks Volleyball

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BLOOMER, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Bloomer Blackhawks volleyball team waited 11 years to win a conference championship in 2015. Since then, you can count the number of conference losses on one hand. The team is our Osseo Automotive Athlete of the Week. SportScene 13’s Neil Hebert has the story.

A 4th straight conference championship has the Bloomer Blackhawks a #1 seed in division 2 in the WIAA playoffs.

“I’d like to say we’ve had a good run of success that I hope continues,” Elizabeth Bohl, who’s in her 6th season as the squad’s head coach, said. “I think the girls rise to the challenge. I think the girls see the people in front of them and continue to make Bloomer volleyball what it is.”

Bloomer tallied a 13-1 record in the Heart ‘O North. The only blemish: a loss to Barron in the conference tournament.

“We’re not happy. They played a good match,” Grace Post, a senior hitter for the squad, said. “There were just some small things that we need to work on going into the playoffs that we need to fix.”

“Taking that loss will really benefit us in the playoffs, give us some stuff to work on, keep us in line,” Chloee Swartz, a Blackhawk senior, said.

This group of seniors has been playing together for as long as they’ve been on the court. They say their longevity together has played a huge role in their success.

“I think we want to be known as a core group of people who work hard,” Swartz said. “We weren’t really given anything. We’ve had to push ourselves and push other people to get where we’ve been.”

“We’ve played together, basically all since 4th grade,” senior Jessica Barr said. “We’ve waited a long time for this. We’re ready.”

Heading into the playoffs, the Blackhawks want to do something never accomplished in school history: make the state tournament.

“We want to be known as we made it all the way,” Bailey Mcconaughey, a senior on the team, said. “The last couple years, they couldn’t make it all the way. I think we can make it all the way.”

“I think our team is extremely talented and I know what we can do,” Bohl said. “So yes, I feel confident, but you always gotta show up and play your game.”

“We just gotta take it game by game: don’t get into our heads too much,” Barr said. “We know we’re a good team.”

The top-seeded Blackhawks will head into the playoffs and take on Rice Lake at home on Thursday for a chance to play in the regional final on Saturday.