Athlete of the Week: Chippewa Falls Softball

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) Our Osseo-Automotive athletes of the week are no stranger to the state tournament. The Chippewa Falls softball team is making their second straight trip to Madison, but this year is a different story than the previous year.

The Cardinals win the sectional title over Stevens Point

One similarity is that both teams needed to beat D-1 powerhouse Stevens Point to get to state. But last year the cardinals went down to Madison a favorite and got knocked out in their first game.

This year, the Cardinals failed to win the conference title,earned just a seven seed in the brackets, but as underdogs managed to get right back to Goodman Diamond and hope to change their luck at state at well.

Bayleigh Drese (Chippewa Falls Outfielderl:
"Getting an opportunity to go back is a big thing, playing the team we did last year and pulling out the win was really confident for us and it's just putting all the pieces together when we get down there."

Abby Staves (Chippewa Falls infielder:
"We are embracing that we were the 7th seed going into it and we worked our way all the way up to the top and we are the underdogs once again going into our first state game. We are going to embrace that and take that in and hopefully go right past them too."

Mallory Sterling (Chippewa Falls pitcher):
Having experience there, the pressure is a little bit less, we have been there before, we know the feelings and I think that will help us calm our nerves a little bit.

Kate Fjelstad (Chippewa Falls Head Coach):
"I'm still nervous because there are so many things that are different between pregame, what you get to do and what you can't do. I know that these kids, having been down there last year, understand what the focus is and understand that it is a big feel, that the dugouts are the way they are and you are playing on a college field and i don't think we will have the shell shock we had last year. "

The Cardinals take on Kenosha Bradford Thursday morning at 8:00am in the quarterfinals.