Athlete of the Week: Giese brother trio, 11, 9, 5 dominate Snocross championships

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Three Snocross world championships, 3 national championships, and one regional win; it's been a whirlwind couple of years for the 3 Giese brothers from Alma Center on the snow tracks. The brother trio is our Osseo Automotive Athlete of the Week.

Young, but fast and fearless: brothers Landon, Lane, and Lochlan Giese are 11, 9, and 5 respectively and make up L3 racing.

Their favorites on the track: Landon likes winning, Lane likes to have fun, and the youngest, Lochlan, likes to crash. The last born son’s is a little more questionable than the others, but all of them know who the best racer is: the Giese brothers raised their hands in unison.

Lochlan bowed out saying, “Not me.”

“Me, apparently because I beat him (Landon) in the grand finale,” Lane, the middle brother, said.

“I beat you like 80 times,” Landon, the oldest of the brothers, said back to Lane.

So, maybe they don’t agree on that, but one thing the brothers do know is racing, and a lot of it.

Since Thanksgiving, the family has spent 15 weekends of traveling the nation and competing: that commitment will get you named Most Dedicated Family of the Year.

“You gotta do something; if you were in basketball or hockey or anything like that, you’d be traveling and doing things every weekend,” Travis Giese, the boys’ dad, said.

From Niagara Falls to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and everywhere in between, traveling every weekend gets expensive, but the end result NAT makes it worth every mile.

“Being proud of their accomplishments, seeing how they’ve grown, what they’ve learned,” Robin Giese, the boys’ mom, said. “Really how they’re taking defeat; they’ve come a long way with just being pouty and frustrated to giving fist bumps and ‘Look how happy he was, mom.’ That just makes my heart happy.”

“The interaction that they had with other kids,” Travis said of the boys’ development off the track. “I think this year in particular, Landon and Lane have learned a lot about how everybody wants to be first or wants to do well. They’ve learned to accept not always being at the top.”

L3 might have a different name in a couple years; they might need to add an ‘E’ for their younger sister.

“Elowen, she’s been on a few snowmobile rides and she typically doesn’t like to get off the snowmobile, so I think she’ll find it to be enjoyable as well. She’s got a couple more years to think about it.”

That time may come, but until then, the 3 brothers will be flying across the snow on their sleds competing for more championships.