Brewers react to NLCS Game 7 loss

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MILWAUKEE (WEAU) -- Champagne showers here in Milwaukee, but not in the Brewers locker room. Milwaukee's 2018 season came to a screeching halt in game 7 of the NLCS: the closest they've been to making the World Series since actually being there back in 1982. Two pitches, two home runs, and five runs, ultimately ended the Brewers season.

"They earned the win today. They earned an opportunity to go to the World Series,” Brewers left fielder, Ryan Braun, said of the Dodgers. “Certainly not the position we hoped to be in. We entered the day feeling really good about our chances, feeling really confident. They just beat us today."

"We showed we can do it. We showed what we're capable of,” Brewers reliever, Corey Knebel, said. “I mean, it hurt this year. Last year it hurt, too. Look what we did this year after last year. I don't know. We're all going to come in ready to go next year. I know it."

"That's the thing. It's one game. Anything can happen,” Christian Yelich, Brewers right fielder, said. “Some things go your way, some things don't. They made the plays, they made the pitches when they had to in order to win. It's tough when it's just one game that decides it because so many things can happen. Credit to them. They played great and they won. I don't think we beat ourselves. They went out and they won the game."

The Brewers ended their 2018 season NL Central Champions and fell just one game short of the World Series.