Expectations already high for next year's Brewers squad

MILWAUKEE (WEAU) - Just three years ago, the Brewers were starting to rebuild their team. Last year, they missed the playoffs by one game and this year they missed the World Series by a game. Talking to the players in the clubhouse they think the future is very bright here in Milwaukee.

Veteran Ryan Braun had an eye towards the future while reflecting on the teams opportunity this season.

"So much of our success came from young guys that will be controlled moving forward, so there is a lot of reasons for hope and optimism. On the other side, we were one game away from the World Series and had a chance to play that game at home and we all know, no matter how good you are, those opportunities don't come around every year. It is disappointing today, but when you look at the group, there is plenty of reasons for hope and optimism.

Pitcher Josh Hader is one the big keys to the Brewers success this season and thinks the Brewers have something special with the squad.

"This has been a heck of a run all season. The ups and the downs, playing good baseball and really being a family. I think that is the big thing, this clubhouse has a different vibe and it is something you appreciate."

Christian Yelich had one of the best seasons in baseball and hopes to use this year's experience to sustain success.

"That is the great thing about this sport, there is always hope. Get ready for the next season and use what we did this year. Build on it in spring training and use this feeling we all have right now as fuel and motivation to get back and take the next step."

With a core built around the likes of Yelich and Hader, it would be no surprise to see the Brewers exceed what they did this year and end up in the Fall Classic next year.