Packers still upset about Clay Matthews' Penalty

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) An extreme rarity, the Packers did not practice Wednesday in getting ready for Washington. And while they are moving on past the tie against Minnesota and preparing for Washington with some mental work in the classroom, there is no moving on past that call against Clay Matthews that no one agrees with.

“What are you going to do?,” said coach Mike McCarthy. “Call the league up and say a bunch of bad words to make yourself feel good? That doesn't work. Trust me, that's been tried by a lot of people over the years. The reality is it's about education and getting it right. But I'm just going to tell you this, we haven't changed anything with how we are coaching our players. We know the way we are going to approach the game, how we are going to rush the passer, we know how we are going to hit the passer, and the way we are teaching it is the way we are going to do it.”

“We enjoy the protection below the knee and above the shoulders, but I don't know many quarterbacks who want (calls like Clay's),” Aaron Rodgers said. “There are very few opportunities for us in the game to show any type of toughness. The one on me, I don't think that's roughing the passer either. What do you say to Clay? His head was out of it. His hand is on the ground. That's not roughing the passer. Same thing with Kendricks. What do you say to him on that? I didn't get up off the ground thinking, 'where is the penalty?' I say a late flag and couldn't believe there was a penalty on the play. Some of the rules I think help, but some of the rules are maybe going the wrong direction.”

“The unfortunate thing is we are talking about games here, Clay Matthews said. “This is Week 2, but every game matters. You like to think if we force that interception we win the game. It's everything we have been taught since we were kids playing on defense. There was nothing vicious about it. I think the line is getting blurred between protecting quarterback and putting defenders in a compromising position. I like to think after this past weekend, refs will call this a little bit differently moving forward because that was a huge game and will probably have playoff implications.”

As the team does move forward they are preparing for a Washington defense that is ranked #1 overall through 2 weeks.