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About Us

Transforming the Culture of Memory Care

Our parent company, Azura Living, created its name from the Latin word for “blue sky.” It fits nicely with the clear, crisp, skies over Wisconsin where Azura Living is based. It also speaks to our founders’ desire to create an inspiring company with a healthy and positive environment for our guests, residents and team members.

Azura Living founder Josh McClellan has spent more than 35 years in the health care industry. He started the company in 2008 with a vision to transform the culture of care. Today, the Azura Living family is committed to providing our guests with the finest amenities, the most innovative therapies, and the most personalized care.

Our corporate philosophy is to Transform the Culture of Memory Care for those living with memory loss in our homes, in our communities and the world!

As a result, Azura Memory Care pledges to honor and understand each person in our care and offer solutions to memory challenges through holistic programming, daily activities and reminiscence therapy.  Our dedication is also shown through our extensive offering of training and resources to the communities we serve.

Our Commitment is Exceptional Caring

Azura Memory Care is a trusted provider of innovative memory care services and programs across Wisconsin. From homelike settings to transformational programming, our Wisconsin memory care retirement communities provide a safe and nurturing place for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

Five core values guide the decisions we make as Azura Memory Care team members and as a company:

  1. We treat our guests, residents and coworkers with the utmost RESPECT.
  2. We help people to RECOVER physically, mentally and spiritually.
  3. We encourage INNOVATION and creativity.
  4. We hire and RETAIN the finest people.

Celebrate moments of Joy - EVERY DAY! At Azura, we are truly transforming the culture of memory care by knowing our residents and treating them as we would want to be treated. We're proud of the caliber of programming we provide, and we promise you that your loved one will be cared for with respect and unparalleled support for their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Most people are drawn to a home because of how it looks. While we have taken great care in designing a home that creates an environment that bolsters our residents, we realize that the most important part isn’t how fancy the building is, but who is walking the floor. This is why we have created MOSAIC — an exclusive, research-based, and personally-tested training program for our team.

The program encompasses over 90 hours of yearly training for each team member — helping them to weave every moment of care into a MOSAIC of love, engagement, and support for our residents. We recognize that the caregivers and the care that they provide is what is truly important. It’s not the walls or the amenities that will be approaching, communicating, and being with your loved one when you are not there. The caregivers will be. And they are the ones who can give the hugs!


Our Services

An innovative family of communities with a rich spectrum of person-centered memory care services

Providing compassionate care and transformational programming for those in need of memory
care begins with a secure, warm setting. By making our communities feel like ‘home’, our residents
feel more content and respond more positively to our team of committed professionals. From cozy bedrooms to bright, spacious dining and community spaces, we’ll give your loved one a place to feel safe and at ease.

Our residents are free to join in activities or relax independently, but always with the watchful 24-
hour attention of our staff, who are all specially trained in dementia care. Azura Memory Care
provides relationship-based care that looks at each individual as an extraordinary person and follows a philosophy of engagement plus interaction to increase the whole sense of well-being for every resident.

Our wide-ranging portfolio of services also offers: 

  • MOSAIC programs for our residents and their families
  • Daily Activities covering physical, social, spiritual, cognitive and health needs
  • Reminiscence Therapy to nurture mind, body and spirit
  • Respite Care for those in need of immediate or short term assistance
  • On-site Dental and Podiatry Care offered through Aggeus Healthcare P.C.
  • In-House Physical Therapy offered 5 days per week

Additional services include:

  • Quality Assurance Consultation
  • Documentation Excellence Monitoring Program
  • Behavioral Consultations
  • Clinical and Medication Reviews
  • Family Satisfaction & Connections

Azura Memory Care has developed unique programming called MOSAIC which stands for Memory care professionals Offering Support through Advances and Innovation in Care. This programming is provided by Azura’s specially trained and dedicated Quality of Life Team and includes community outings for lunch and entertainment. Azura Memory Care is also proud to be one of the first in our area to provide Life Story Books, Reminiscent Baskets and Memories in the Making Art Therapy programming.  The goal of our MOSAIC program is to create success stories one small victory at a time by enhancing our residents’ mind, body and spirit. Learn more about MOSAIC by clicking here.

Azura Memory Care provides an excellent alternative to other Wisconsin nursing homes, and assisted living communities. We provide more hands on care in a home setting with caregivers skilled in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease care.