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About Us

Chippewa Valley Cremation Services is a licensed funeral home serving Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Altoona, and all of West Central WI. Our concept is simple. We keep our overhead operating costs to a minimum to provide our customers with the best possible prices in the region. We provide the families we serve with only the services they want and need and do not charge a high overhead fee like a traditional funeral home.

Chippewa Valley Cremation Services FAQ

How do I talk to my aging parents/family about pre-planning their funeral & cremation services?
Many times aging parents feel the same way about discussing this very topic with their adult children because they believe it will upset them. So with that in mind, we would suggest listening very carefully for any hints your parents may drop in casual conversation. If possible, if the topic of funerals or something similar comes up, try to build on the conversation and transition it into them and what they want. Many times this topic will come up at a funeral/memorial service they themselves may be attending. They may mention to you that they went to a service and that is was very nice (or maybe not so nice). This is a great opportunity for you to listen to them and make that transition into them and what they want. That is the biggest and most challenging first step – just getting the conversation on the table. From there, take small steps in asking about them and what they may want for themselves. You may be surprised at just how much mom or dad will open up to you. On the other hand, they may just not want to talk about it, and there may be nothing you can do about it. There are those folks out there that believe their arrangements are best left in their children’s hands.

Are you a cremation society?
Although the words “cremation society” are not in our name, we offer all the services a cremation society is known for. Many families we serve have actually come to know us as the Chippewa Valley Cremation Society. It is also worth noting that we provide cremation services outside of the Chippewa Valley as well. We have served many families in as far away as Marshfield, WI. We are also are licensed to practice in the State of Minnesota as well.

Does Chippewa Valley Cremation Services offer pre-planning and pre-funding services (aka trusts)?
Yes. Chippewa Valley Cremation Services can help you with every step of the process all the way to paying for your desired services in advance. By pre-paying (or pre-funding) your services in advance you will "lock in" todays prices for services and merchandise (urns, caskets, burial vaults, etc). We are licensed to write burial insurance through National Guardian Life Insurance Company out of Madison, WI, that has been in business for over 100 years.

Do you offer payment plans for people wishing to pre-fund their services Chippewa Valley Cremation?
YES. In most cases one can pre-pay for thier funeral/cremation services over several months/years if desired. All payment plans are set up with Chippewa Valley Cremation Services and administered through National Guardian Life Insurance Company. We would be happy to explain your options in person or over the phone. As with anything when you make multiple payments thier are advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to explain both the pros and cons of "multi-pay" policies to you. The common reason one would not qualify for a multi-payment plan is age and/or poor health.

Can I still have a funeral or celebration of life even though I'm going to be cremated?
YES. What makes cremation so great is that your family has many options when it comes to having a funeral service. Some may want to have an open casket visitation and/or funeral prior to cremation taking place. While others may want to have no viewing prior to cremation, but have a funeral after the cremation takes place (known as a memorial service). In any case, Chippewa Valley Cremation Services is here and ready to help. We are happy to help you do anything special to help personalize the service to that of the life of the deceased. Most families that select to have an open casket choose to use a rental casket for visitation/service. There is an option of purchasing a cremation orientated casket as well.

I have a funeral trust/burial policy at another funeral home. Can I transfer the beneficiary of the trust to Chippewa Valley Cremation Services?
YES. You can transfer the beneficiary of your trust to any funeral home in the U.S.A. Simply give us a call and we can draft the paper work for you to sign. The process is very simple and you do not have to have any contact with the other funeral home from where the trust is being transferred from.