18-year-old falls to death while 'car surfing'

Quacheenu Zach Vang
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU)- An autopsy was conducted Monday for an area teen who police say appears to have been car surfing. La Crosse Police said it happened between midnight and 2:00 Saturday morning.

An initial investigation shows 18-year-old Quacheenu Zach Vang of Holmen was car surfing with several people in the area of East Avenue, south of Losey Boulevard in La Crosse. Car surfing is when a person stands on the hood of the trunk of a moving vehicle.

Police said Vang fell off a car, and had multiple injuries including to his head. Vang's family brought him to the hospital later in the day on Saturday.

Holmen Police were initially told Vang was assaulted by several people at Holmen High School. However, an investigation shows Vang injuries were more consistent with a traffic crash.

Vang died from his injuries early Sunday morning at Gundersen Health System. Police said they believe alcohol was a factor.

“We haven't seen or heard of a lot of incidents of this, but unfortunately this one we are aware of, because it did turn into a young man losing his life,” said Sgt. Randy Rank.

We don't know the results of the autopsy yet.

Holmen High School's principal says Vang graduated last school year. Counseling is available for students and staff who need it.


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU)- An 18-year-old Holmen man is dead after falling off a car while attempting to “car surf”.

The La Crosse Police department says the accident happened early Saturday morning between midnight at 2 a.m.. Officers say an initial investigation revealed that 18-year-old Quacheenu Zach Vang was with several others that were “car surfing” by standing on the hood and or trunk of a moving motor vehicle. Officers say Vang fell off while the car was in the area of East Ave, south of Losey Blvd. in La Crosse.

Officers say the family of Vang brought him into the hospital later Saturday. He died from his injuries early Sunday morning.

Officers say they were initially told that Vang was assaulted by people at Holmen High School. But the hospital said the injuries were consistent with a car crash.

Vang had fallen off the car sustaining multiple injuries, including head injuries. Officers say alcohol is believed to be a factor.

The investigation continues with the help of the Holmen Police Department and the La Crosse County Medical Examiner’s Office.

An autopsy is scheduled in Madison on Monday.