Wausau Woman Says Abuse For 30 Years Led To Murder

A Wausau woman charged with killing her husband in bed a year ago will ask a judge to admit evidence that she suffered abuse for nearly 30 years at his hands.

The lawyer for 54-year-old Rebecca Ramm says she killed her husband because she had been mentally and physically tortured in their relationship.

Ramm says her husband often hit her on the head, arms, back or abdomen with a bat he named "Mr. Bat."

She says David Ramm would also load and unload guns in front of her and would drive recklessly while they were in a car together.

Ramm's trial on a charge of first-degree intentional homicide is scheduled February 6, 2006. Police say she used a revolver to shoot her husband in the back of the head and then kept his body in their home for five months.

She was arrested after she told a friend who helped her move the body.