Superbowl Ads

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At $2.6 million a pop, the 30 second spots are spendy. But when you consider 140 million American viewers and 1 billion worldwide will be watching, that money can seem like money well spent.
"It's a time for companies to showcase their products. It's a time for even large companies like Anheiser-Busch or Pepsi to get their brand name out there and do some reminder advertising," said Dr. Rama Yelkur, associate professor of marketing at UWEC.
The Superbowl has become one of the most anticipated TV programs every year and more than just a football game.
"Close to the majority of the people watching the game are not really interested in who wins the game as much as the buzz. The hype, the celebrities, the rolling stones, the advertisements, the whole schtick," said Dr. Chuck Tomkovick, marketing professor at UWEC.
Superbowl ads have become somewhat a tradition, something people will probably talk about for days after Sunday. But for those who can't get enough, a hard copy of those ads with buzz will be just a click away.
"For the first time, the NFL is going to sell the commercials on DVD so you'll be able to watch them on and purchase them on," said Dr. Tomkovick.
The commercials will also be aired through video on demand, a service available through cable subscriptions. They will also be streamed to cell phones, offering consumers, who may normally go out of their way to duck ads, the ability to retrieve them.
"There is no end in sight. You'll see $10 million Superbowl ads for 30 seconds of time. It's the big stage."
With the rise in the popularity of the super bowl, the NFL?s success has followed suit. One where even the ads during the league's showcase event are available, long after they air.