Hometown Hollywood

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It's no Hollywood, but camera crews and actors will soon be descending on Chippewa Falls.
Several hometown filmmakers are returning to start production of their first full-length movie.
It's called the "Illegal Use of Joe Zopp" and you're looking at the trailer for the comedic mystery.
Nick Holle is one of the film’s producers. Here’s how he describes the movie:
"It's about a young boy who runs away from home--he's from a small town--and everyone back home thinks he's dead. Then he learns of this as an adult, so he goes back to town to uncover the mystery of why he died."
Today was the second set of auditions for the movie and Holle says they've had quite the response. But, if you're interested in upcoming auditions, you can log onto the production company's website at wutwutalma.com Filming is scheduled to begin in August and Holle says they’ll need “tons of extras.”