Facebook Politics

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- The Facebook social-networking Web site popular among college students is being utilized in Wisconsin political campaigns this year.

A "Students for Green-Across the State" page has about 11,150 members listed supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green, while a "Wisconsin Students for Doyle" group has about 425 listed supporting Democratic Governor Jim Doyle.

Tom Keeley is a UW-Milwaukee senior who heads that campus' College Republicans group. He says he regularly uses Facebook to send out notices about meetings and to seek out like-minded students who might want to get involved.

UW-Madison senior Brian Shactman, statewide campus organizer for the Democratic Party's coordinated campaign, says Facebook has been key in reaching out to students.

He says it's a way to relate on a student level to student issues.

Green campaign spokesman Luke Punzenberger says the Facebook group for Green has helped students create groups at campuses across the state. He says the campaign has been able to reach a broader group than with traditional methods.

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