Winter Storm Makes Roads Hazardous

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The winter storm is back and according to the Wisconsin State Patrol it's making for some difficult driving. Patrol officers say the roads are quite slippery so you need to drive with caution.

"That's the number one thing that anybody can do during poor driving, whether it's snow, sleet, wind rain any poor driving condition, slowing down is the number one thing people can do," Wisconsin State Patrol Sergeant Jerry Voight said.

Voight says in most crashes and slide offs speed is a big factor and he's urging everyone to remember that the speed limit is for dry, clear, conditions. So when bad weather strikes you need to adjust your speed accordingly.

"The roads are mostly wet, there are a number of slippery areas but they're primarily wet, they've been scraped, salted, sanded," Highway Commissioner Tom Walther said.

He says so far crews have been able to keep up with the snowfall but, says conditions can change quickly. He's asking you to help crews out by giving plows plenty of room and keeping your car off the street.

The State Patrol also says if you plan on traveling, it's a good idea to let your family or a loved one know where you're going and what time you expect to arrive.

But, they say the best bet is to stay home all-together.