Montana Man Travels Through Western Wisconsin as Part of Cross-Country Trek

A Montana man is traveling through Western Wisconsin as part of a cross-country trek.. by covered wagon.

Forty-six-year-old Lee Crafton says he's on a journey from Montana to Boston to get out and meet people.

Crafton is traveling with his two dogs in a homemade, horse-drawn wagon.

He traveled about 17 miles of the adventure in our area Sunday on Highways 12 and 29 with the help of his two horses.

Crafton, who was diagnosed with cancer, says he started the trip with just $75 and has been overwhelmed by the kindness of people he has met along the way.

"When you're 20, you think you can take on the world and build your own world, and then you get sick you realize things aern't always how they seem and you see the goodness of people and it can be part of the healing process right there," Crafton said.

Lee has been on the road for about seven months and says he hopes to reach Boston by July 1.

He sleeps in his wagon, which has a propane heater.

Lee will spend the Sunday night in Eau Claire before heading South down Highway 12 Monday.

If you're interested in tracking Lee's journey, you can visit his Web site at: