Teachers, Sports Programs on Chopping Block in Menomonie

The Menomonie School Administrator says the district is facing a $500,000 deficit and if it doesn't get some funding, from a possible referendum for example, people will lose their jobs and students will lose out on some sports.

Thirteen jobs, two high school sports teams and all middle school athletics are on the line.

Last year the district made $564,000 in cuts, but the District Administrator says the cuts need to be even deeper this year, affecting people.

Here are the jobs on the line:

Elementary school teacher
Middle school Phy Ed teacher
High school Guidance Counselor
High school Special Ed Para educator
Maintenence custodian
Middle school activities coordinator

High School English teacher
Middle school Band teacher

Agriscience teacher
Family and Consumer Education teacher
High school Phy Ed teacher
Art teacher
Would not hire summer custodians

All Middle school sports (would turn into in-house intramural program)
Transportation to Middle school activities
High school Gymnastics (affects 14 athletes)
High school Boys Swimming (affects 21 athletes)

The school board will vote on a possible referendum March 19th.