Happy St. Baldrick's Day!

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We have to wait a couple more days to put on our green and celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but, the spirit of St. Baldrick was hard to miss in Eau Claire this weekend.

St. Baldrick might be a spoof of St. Patrick, but the thousands of dollars his foundation raises for cancer research is no joke.

They're young, they're old, guy and girl, and now, they're bald and proud.

"We raised over $2500," says Shavee Amy Gietzel

Gietzel took a seat a couple down from her mom. The two went bald together, something Amy wishes would've happened earlier.

"My mom had cancer so she's used to it,” Gietzel says. "I wished I would've done it before, so now it's cool. Her hairs grown back, she's been in remission four years. So, now we can do it together."

"Everybody has a family member or friend or someone and to have somebody go through that—watching them be sick and watch them go through treatment it's hard," says Sarah Coyer of the St. Baldrick's Foundation

Amy says walking around bald might be scary at first, but nothing compared to battling cancer.

"It has to be hard for every chemo patient when it starts to fall out, so this way we can show our support," says Gietzel.

Saturday more than 80 people are bald and beautiful and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation raised more than $20,000 for children's cancer research.

Organizers tell us the turnout the past two years has been so great that they definitely plan on holding the event again.

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