Counseling Center Worker Sentenced

A Barron County judge hands down a sentence in the case against the man convicted in the negligent death of a 7-year-old girl in Rice Lake.

Judge Edward Brunner handed down the sentence in the Angellika Arndt case Monday afternoon, in front of a packed courtroom.

Judge Brunner sentenced former Northwest Guidance and Counseling Center worker, Bradley Ridout, to 60 days in jail. He faced a maximum sentence of nine months.

Last May, 7-year-old Angellika Arndt died from a lack of air after prosecutors say Ridout restrained her. During his sentencing hearing Monday, Ridout said his actions were intended to help the young girl.

"What occurred that day was a terrible tragedy,” Ridout said. “Had I known the outcome, of course I would have done things differently. But with the knowledge I had at the time. If put in that situation again, I would have done the same things, because I believe that following my training was the responsible thing to do."

Barron County Family Advocate, Jo Pelishek, says she thinks Ridout’s sentence was simply a slap on the hand.

"I know that that's been a concern of a lot of people is that such a major offense should require more serious sentencing,” Pelishek said.

Judge Brunner also ruled that the Northwest Guidance and Counseling Center must pay the state-requested maximum fine of $100,000.

Pelishek says she hopes Monday’s sentencing will send a strong message to other treatment centers across the state.