City Leaders to Vote on Development Plans for Downtown, West Side

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Over the last decade, the City of Eau Claire has seen plenty of developments.

That's meant more business, shopping and housing in the area.

And now, as NewsCenter 13's Katie Heinz found out, a new proposal could further develop Eau Claire's West side.

The planner showed off his ideas for the West Ridge development plan at the City Council public hearing Monday night.

Council members and the public asked questions and raised concerns.

The planner wants to create more housing and business on Eau Claire's West side.

This could be the newest development in Eau Claire - South of the North Crossing, East of Mill Run Road and in view of the interstate.

It's called West Ridge Village Neighborhood Marketplace, and it's a subdivision the developer calls urban living here in Eau Claire.

They're planning to build new condos and commercial buildings, along with an assisted living facility and memory care facility for seniors.

"It's probably the first real planned out neighborhood where we're working with building and business together so we get the consistency of the overall look," said Steve Wiggins of Prudential Realty.

But the Planning Commission raised concerns about sidewalks.

And the nearest city bus route is two miles away.

"In order for us to extend the fixed route, we'd have to add a route," said Eau Claire's Public Works Department Director Brian Amundson. "We're not looking to do anything of that nature for five years."

Along with proposals to develop downtown, the city has seen a lot of development over the last few years on all sides of town - most recently, the Highway 53 bypass.

And not too long ago, major developments like these on the South side of town.

"We're seeing development spread out all over Eau Claire, not just one place, we're seeing it spread out all over," said Eau Claire Economic Development Administrator Mike Schatz.

The next step? City council's vote Tuesday afternoon.

The council also weighed in on the plan for the North Barstow Redevelopment Project.

They'll vote on that Tuesday.