One-Day Fishing License

Local anglers might be able to get a license to fish just for one day. That is what a proposal in the legislature is trying to set up.

Under the law, fishermen and women would be able to purchase a one day fishing license instead of having to fork out the money for an annual one.

But Scott Humrickhouse, the DNR West Central Region Director, says the law was repealed several years ago because it was costing the DNR $500,000 to sell the license.

Humrickhouse says that the one day passes were not bringing in new anglers as much as hoped, making for less money.

"There are a lot of important program that the sports men and women are used to having and deserve to have. Humrickhouse says, “We would be forced to make cut backs in the program or one of those programs to try and meet the shortfall."

The money from the licenses funds wildlife management operations, fisheries management operation, law enforcement and other programs.