Cookbook Brings in $5,000 for the United Way

A recipe contest resulted in a $5,000.00 check being given to the United Way today. Mega Pick N’ Save and TV-13 presented the check today.

Each week, winning recipes were selected to be in the Mega Pick N’ Save "Your Favorite Recipes" cookbook. Demand for the cookbook was so high, there were two releases of the book. 1,500 copies were sold with proceeds going to the United Way.

$10,000 in all was raised to give back to the community and help feed the hungry during the holidays.

Gretchen Kluz, Director of Advertising and Marketing, says the project was a hug success. "We had tremendous response. We had lots of calls. We had people waiting for books. We sold the book out within days."

This was the first cookbook contest but Kluz says they plan to do it again next year and this time will be prepared for the high demand.