Train Derailment

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A train derails in Jackson county and crews spend hours getting it back on track.
In the meantime, several other trains are put on standby.

Workers for Union Pacific say they've seen much worse, but when the two cars jumped the track Friday, it did delay several trains and send some heavy equipment barreling down the track.

It's not every day a train derails in western Wisconsin

"We see maybe one or two a year,” says Marlin Sanders, the manager of terminal operations for Union Pacific.

And when it does, it creates some delays…

"There’s a train about a mile south of here that would be in St. Paul by now."

…Attracts some local attention and brings in a heavy equipment contractor to do some heavy lifting—30 tons worth.

"When we pull the cars apart, they’ll be some things flying around, probably some bolts and things that break away from the cars."

The workers hook onto the cars, lift them back onto the tracks and make sure they're sitting just right on the tires.

Sanders says after 30 years in the railroad business, safety is still his top concern.

"We only want personal with the railroad, who are properly trained in the safety procedures to be on or near the cars."

Friday, about 20 people worked to get the cars back on the tracks.
Once they set them straight, sanders says they'll pull them into Merrillan to a side track for repairs. He says they're still trying to figure out what caused the derailment, but hopes to figure it out as they work on the tracks.