Chippewa Falls P.D. uses tourniquet in first response

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU)-- During the early morning hours of January 23rd the Chippewa Falls Police Department responded to a report of a man who had accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Officers responded immediately with a first-aid kit, complete with a tourniquet. The kits are designed so the officers can self-rescue.

The kits contain a tactical tourniquet, a chest seal, as well as a nasal tube, and have been issued to all law enforcement officers in Chippewa County.

Robert Teuteberg is with the Chippewa Falls Police Department.

"A program raised $7000 in funds and then equipped 170 kits for all the law enforcement officers in Chippewa County," says Teuteberg.

A new trend has begun in first response.

"The trend is going this way, and a lot of this comes from military research. Now, the push is to equip law enforcement officers so they can preserve life until further medical support can be given," says Teuteberg.

Additionally, officers from the Chippewa Falls Police Department have conducted further high-stress scenario-based training. Sometimes, life just can’t wait.

"Seconds can be a lifetime for somebody that had sustained this type of injury," says Teuteberg.