Eight arrested, three more wanted for meth trafficking ring

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EAU CLAIRE (WEAU) - Police say an investigation with multiple agencies led to the arrest of several people they say are involved in a meth ring and some have ties to Asian gangs.

While some suspects are already behind bars, police are actively searching for others who they say are involved. Investigators say they're still looking for three men believed to be part of the drug ring, 39-year-old Xou Her, 37-year-old Chong Moua and 41-year-old Vang Yang.

Police say this is the culmination of an investigation spanning several months and they say the arrests couldn't be made without the help of more than six different agencies.

Officers raided several homes in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls serving six search warrants and arrested eight people.

"We seized a 1/4 pound of methamphetamine which is a good quantity of meth. We've seized larger quantities before but this is one of the broader investigations we've been involved with," says Deputy Chief Eric Larsen with the Eau Claire Police Department.

Larsen says a small amount of other drugs and two hand guns were also found in the homes. One of the guns had its serial numbers ground off. He says several of the people arrested had ties to the gang M.O.D. or Menace of Destruction.

"These are high risk warrants, high risk investigations and those kinds of investigations demand really to have the support of the governing agencies," says Larsen.

He says after the arrests investigators believe two of the men are responsible for distributing as much as 13-pounds of meth in the last year and a half to people in the Chippewa Valley.

"This kind of investigation is very important to our community and it's very difficult to do it without collaboration effort in the region," says Larsen.

While police are still looking for three men involved in the investigation, all but two of the people arrested were released after their court appearance.

EAU CLAIRE (WEAU) - Police have busted up a drug ring after serving search warrants and using SWAT teams.

Eight people were arrested at several homes in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls Wednesday.

Police say they used a total of six search warrants and four tactical teams.

Officers found a quarter pound of meth and a small amount of other drugs. Two hand guns were also found, one which had its serial numbers removed.

Right now, investigators say they're still looking for three more people.


NEWS RELEASE- In the early morning hours of Wednesday September 21, 2011, investigators from the West Central Drug Task Force culminated a several month investigation into methamphetamine trafficking in the Chippewa Valley. Six search warrants including four tactical team entries were executed in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.

The following Individuals were taken into custody for various drug related charges:

Som B. Moua: age 35, Eau Claire
Vinai Xiong: age 33, Eau Claire
Pha Vang: age 24, Eau Claire
Alicia S. Anderson: age 24, Eau Claire
Shoua Lee: age 25, Chippewa Falls
Ya Lee: age 25, Chippewa Falls
Travis L Kummer: age 29, Eau Claire
Jason J Draves, age 32, Minneapolis

The following individuals are still being sought for charges related to the same investigation:

Xou L. Her: age 39, Eau Claire
Chong N Moua: age 37, Eau Claire
Vang Yang: age 41, Eau Claire

The search warrants were executed at the following addresses:

2731 S. Slope Terrace, Eau Claire
1307 Kernan Ct, Eau Claire
4252 10th Ave, Chippewa Falls
1227 Meridian Hts Dr. #7, Eau Claire
1103 Meridian Hts Dr. #1, Eau Claire
2628 Trindal St, Eau Claire

During the searches and arrests a cumulative total of approximately ¼ pound of methamphetamine, two handguns, including one with the serial number ground off, and ¼ once of psilocybin mushrooms were recovered. Investigation indicates that Kummer and Draves were responsible for as much as 13 pounds of methamphetamine trafficked and sold in the Chippewa Valley over the last 18 months. Agencies involved in the searches and arrests conducted yesterday include, Eau Claire Police, Eau Claire Sheriff, Chippewa Falls Police, Chippewa County Sheriff, Menomonie Police, and Dunn County Sheriff. The West Central Drug Task Force is one of the longest running collaborative efforts among law enforcement in the state. Without the cooperation of the participating agencies, and the support of the governing bodies from each jurisdiction, investigations like this would not be possible.