Guns for gals rising in popularity

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TILDEN, Wis. (WEAU) -- Men often turn to jewelry and sweets when shopping for their sweetheart's Christmas gifts.
But experts say this holiday season a non-traditional kind of gift, is making a big boom.

It's not something many are used to seeing on walls at gun stores in our area, a pop of color- red, pink, purple, white. Guns as for gals are becoming a popular holiday gift.

“We’ve noticed over the past decade that women are participating great amount in the shooting sports,” said Sean Cantwell.

Sean Cantwell, owner of Tilden Gun says it's the trend he's noticed grow in the past couple of years. The trend that caught the eye of gun manufactures too.

“Fun colors, pink being the most popular ,and accessories to go along with that- clothing, same colored ear muffs,” explained Cantwell.

That includes adjustments to guns too, making them more women-friendly.

“They are offering the smaller frame sizes, they're engineering the guns to be a little easier to shoot, as far as recoil,” he says.

And for women buying guns these days it's not just about the small sizes and the fun colors; experts say it's about expressing themselves.

“I think women are becoming more empowered,” said Cantwell.

“Women are interested in self-protection, especially in light of year’s past events,”

Cantwell says there is another benefit in guns customized just for women.

“Safety is the number one thing and also safety in using any fire arm; having good feel, good grip, good control- that's all very important,” he added.

Cantwell says this holiday season about half of the guns sold were bought for women.

That includes more dads buying guns for their daughters-all pretty in pink.

Catnwell says from his experience customized weapons have been getting good reviews from women and are met with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.