Hundreds remember local wrecker operator

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OSSEO (WEAU) --- Over 100 wrecker operators came together to raise awareness for the Move Over Law after one of their own was hit and killed earlier this week.

On Monday, Nathan Walsh was helping a disabled car on I-94 when he was hit by a pick-up truck. According to the State Patrol, the pick-up truck didn't move over like the law requires it to. Thursday morning over 100 wrecker operators proceeded to Walsh's funeral in convoy. Those who worked closely with Walsh said seeing all the wrecker operators was overwhelming.

"It's a brotherhood and tragically today you see the display of that. We're all in competition to a point, but at the end of the day we're all in the same trench as each other," said David Wilkens, the owners of Jerry's Towing.

Many of those who attended Walsh's funeral wore T-shirts that read "Slow Down and Move Over." Those who work as wrecker operators said this situation could have been avoided.

"It could happen to anyone of us because people do not slow down and they do not move over," said Laverne Schreiner, a wrecker driver. He continued to say it is sad a situation like this has to happen in order to bring attention to the Move Over law.