Kindergartners get "veducation" at local produce farm

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Merillan, WI (WEAU) - "Eat your vegetables!" A common phrase said at the dinner table when sitting down to eat with your kids. But how do you make those veggies more appetizing?

The J & A Produce CSA in Merillan, Wisconsin near Black River Falls had their 2nd annual Youth Day on the farm.

150 kindergartners from Forest Street Elementary School visited a series of 8 different stations to learn more about produce farming.

"Station number 1 is planting sunflower seeds. They're actually called sunflowers because they face the sun and they have the little petals, so it’s kind of fun to teach the kids,”

At J & A Produce CSA even the pigs have a lot to oink about. They had as much fun as the kids.

"Station two is chicken and pigs and were actually learning about chicken how they lay eggs,” said Seekamp.

“We're actually going to let you into the chicken coop and get an egg,” said Black River Falls, FFA student.

"Station number 3 is color your favorite vegetable. I want to incorporate good eating habits for the children, so I thought if I cut out little broccoli's, little lettuce they can color them and they can actually glue them on their plate and they can actually take it home and say mom I want to put this on my plate,” said Seekamp.

Then, Ashley Seekamp moved to station four to explain how kids learned the importance of eating your broccoli.

"We’re at the broccoli station so were encouraging good eating habits. The leader of the group is showing them how to plant them and spacing, how deep to plant them and a little bit about broccoli."

With a little ‘veducation’ kids we’re also eager to get their face painted with a watermelon, flower, worm or other fun options.

"This station is about rhubarb and asparagus. They’re our first two vegetables that come up,” said Seekamp.

"As you can see the rhubarb, it starts like bright red and get green at the top. You would cut the leaves off and wash it and you cannot eat the leaves because they are poisonous,” said Black River Falls, FFA student.

“We're in a hoop house, the reason they call it a hoop house is because it’s made with the hoops to hold up the plastic,” said Jason Seekamp, produce farmer.

"This is station 8 and the kids are planting cabbage. They’re learning how things grow by planting them. I think that's the number one reason why my kids love vegetables and why I love vegetables. I was born and raised eating them and growing them. This time of year is really busy for us, but I really enjoy having them come out. The purpose is educating” said Ashley.

J & A Produce is a CSA farm, which means it's community supported agriculture. The farm sells share of produce, and for more information click below to find their Facebook page.