Chippewa Falls Family-Owned Business Provides Many Advantages

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A privately-owned company that reports to its Board members and shareholders can provide advantages to staff members who are looking for a supportive and stable environment to grow their careers.

Mason Companies is a family-owned business that has been operating in Chippewa Valley since 1904. It continues to transform, from manufacturing logging boots to owning and operating nine businesses that sell everything from shoes and apparel to home goods and electronics through its e-commerce websites and direct mail catalogs.

Boys and Girls Club Historical

Throughout its 117-year history, it has held true to its core beliefs and principles. One of them is centered around the employee. At Mason Companies, staff members are family and they are treated as such.

The company’s thoughtful benefits package takes care of its employees and their families. From new wages and generous healthcare coverage to educational assistance and financial planning, employees have what they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

Mason Companies also celebrates its staff members with traditions like Ham Day ─ where every December a staff member is given a ham to take home, its annual employee appreciation picnic and its holiday party.

Boys and Girls Club Picnic

A second core belief is based in the community. In 1952, Mason Companies established the BA Mason Trust, funded by contributions from the business. Its purpose is to provide philanthropic support to the community by strengthening local performing arts programs, youth activities and other improvements to make the community a better place to live and work. For example, Mason Companies has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club in Chippewa Falls since its inception and is a major annual sponsor, impacting more than 1,500 youth in the community each year.

Boys and Girls Club Building

At a family-owned company like Mason Companies, you feel like you and your community are well taken care of and decisions are made with both you and the business in mind. Learn more about open roles at Mason Companies at