Wagner Tails

WAGNER TAILS: Promoting pet adoption

WAGNER TAILS: Donation options for local pet shelters & rescues

ECCHA to start "curbside" pet adoption

WAGNER TAILS: COVID-19 and pet care

Clark County Humane Society update on COVID-19

Dunn Co. Humane Society changes due to COVID-19

Trempealeau Co. Humane Society operations during Covid-19 outbreak

Little Red Barn Dog Rescue addresses "Safer at Home" Order

ECCHA closes to the public amid COVID-19 outbreak

Wagner Tails: COVID-19 impact on pet shelters/rescues

WAGNER TAILS: Ashley and Finn & Javier

WAGNER TAILS: Chippy and Sapphire

WAGNER TAILS: Sweetness and Daisy

WAGNER TAILS: Henry and Goofy

WAGNER TAILS: Skye and Maddie

WAGNER TAILS: Sidney & Lucy and Thora & Roosevelt

WAGNER TAILS: Mystery and Olivia

WAGNER TAILS: Kaitlyn and Charlie

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